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Simple tasty ice cream

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Mango Ice Cream

I really cannot imagine why it has taken me so long to get an ice cream maker. When I saw an attachment for the Kenwood Chef, I made heavy hints about it for my Christmas present. It’s proving to be fun and so quick to make great results.

I recently heard of one person who makes nothing but vanilla ice cream. They are continually seeking for perfect recipe. I’d suggest that making vanilla ice cream might make you think that it’s all a bit too fiddly to start off with. After all you have to make an egg custard without curdling it!

Start with something simple. My recipe is for mango ice cream. Really, it could not be easier. I can hear you thinking it’s not really the right time of year for ice cream. Any time of year is ice cream time. It will really refresh those jaded tastebuds especially with this exotic flavour.

Ice Cream Maker

The Kenwood Frozen Dessert Maker

The frozen bowl sits inside the white plastic bowl on the Kenwood machine.

With the Kenwood ice cream attachment (or frozen dessert maker!) and many other ice cream makers, you freeze a bowl. When ready, you assemble the ice cream maker, adding the bowl and paddle, then churn the ingredients to make the ice cream. Voila! In 30 minutes your ice cream is ready.


Alphonso Mangoes have the most amazing flavour

Alphonso Mangoes have the most amazing flavour

Mango pulp or puree is the basis of this ice cream. You can buy mango puree in Sainsbury’s , but if you have access to a shop that sells products from India, go there. You should be able to find some Alphonso mango pulp at a very reasonable price (also available at Ocado). A the puree is already sweet, adding the lemon juice cuts through the richness. Alphonso mangoes are available for a short season in the UK (roughly end of April to July). They are an absolute must if you love fruit, and who doesn’t!

Churning the mango cream mixture

Churning the mango cream mixture

Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Time taken: 45 minutes including churning
Serves: 4 to 6

400 gr mango pulp or puree
Juice of half a lemon
125 ml of single or double cream.

  1. Follow the instructions for freezing your ice cream maker bowl.
  2. Mix the pulp, cream and lemon juice together.
  3. Set the mixer in motion and pour in the mango mixture. This will stop the mixture freezing too quickly against the walls of the bowl.
  4. Churn for 25 to 30 minutes until it is well frozen, but not too stiff.
  5. Decant into a suitable container and eat immediately or place in the freezer until required.

Exotic Mango Ice Cream

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