A super savoury vegan nut butter tart

Nut butter pastry is a revelation! Have you ever sat eating something in a cafe and wondered just how they managed to get that tart to taste so good? It recently happened to me. Having coffee with my friend Jenni at the Canteen in Nailsworth, we decided to share a savoury sweet potato pie. Oh boy was it good. It had just the right amount of texture, the flavour was spot on. It was smooth, spicy and comforting. But what exactly was in it? We later managed to quiz the chef  more about it. To our astonishment it turned out to be completely vegan. How was that wonderful flavour achieved? It was the cashew nut butter in the pastry combined with the filling of onion, sweet potato and spices topped with toasted nuts. Total comfort food. Creating the ultimate nut butter pastry Determined to recreate it, I researched pastries made with nut butter (thank you in particular Steph Clubb). Peanut butter seems quite popular, but there are few pastry recipes with cashew nut butter. Time to try one! To balance the nut butter I used Trex (solid vegetable fat). I used standard plain white flour. You could also turn this … Continue reading A super savoury vegan nut butter tart