Oldbury Tarts

A traditional Gloucestershire Recipe Do you make a traditional recipe from your locality? As a newcomer to Gloucestershire I really wasn’t aware of a particular recipe to make. There seemed to be nothing as well-known as Bakewell Tart or Eccles cakes. I started researching and asked for suggestions, but nothing really grabbed me. Then following a link about a different dish,  I discovered Oldbury Tarts filled with gooseberries. Oldbury-on-Severn is a small village near the river Severn with a population of about 800 people. The village was known for its Oldbury Tarts when they were made for the Whitsun Fair in particular. However,  despite the recipe for Oldbury tarts allegedly going back 200 years, it’s difficult to find any mention later than the 1940s. Gooseberry Tarts made with Sweet Hot Water Crust Pastry I’ve spent an enjoyable time comparing recipes and even talking to one lady who has been making them for over 70 years! The Oldbury Gooseberry Tarts are made with sweet hot water crust pastry. After many different attempts, I have a recipe for you to follow. The Oldbury Tart recipe does take a bit of patience and it’s important not to cut corners – they do need … Continue reading Oldbury Tarts