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This bakers couche is 100% linen. It measure 70cm x 100cm. UK Postage is included for up to 3 metres. Additional postage charge for couche sent outside the UK or for larger quantities. Please note the couche you will receive is plain with no pattern. The couche is cut to order from a larger piece of fabric so will have raw edges on the short edge.

Bread Proving on Couche

Bread Proving on Couche

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Baguettes on couche

Baguettes on couche

This product is no longer on sale.

This is pure 100% linen cloth for using for proving bread. It’s one of those essential items I always suggest in my breadmaking classes. 

I use a couche whenever I make bread whether it is baguettes or round or oblong loaves. You simply add plenty of flour and form a pleat between each bread to help keep the shape as in the example shown. It also absorbs a little of the moisture from the bread and helps form a crust.

The couche material measures 70 cm x 100 cm. Please note that the couche material I am selling has no pattern on it. The examples shown are my own couche brought back from France.

There is a limited quantity available, cut to order and it is sold at a very reasonable price which includes shipping within the UK.

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