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I’ve been helping people all over the world with their queries. This is a great option if you’ve not time for a full course, or are too far away to join me in person. You’re probably bamboozled with all the different suggestions on how to make great bread. Lets chat together and I’ll help you whatever your bread conundrum might be.

I will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements, to tailor the discussion to your requirements and to set the date.

Online discussions are available in multiples of 30 minutes.



Do you want to improve your breadmaking skills?

Chat with me online on Zoom for half and hour to get answers to your breadmaking woes. You might not have time for a full course online or in person. This is a great way alternative.

There are so many videos and articles about breadmaking out there, it is so easy to get confused. I’ll help you using the techniques I learned on a professional breadmaking class in France and with my many years baking experience. Dates and days of the week are flexible, subject to availability. Join me where ever you are in the world.

Examples of what we could discuss:

  • My sourdough is not working
  • What equipment you need and what you don’t need!
  • How to scale up for baking in bulk
  • How to score bread successfully
  • How to make a consistently good loaf of bread
  • and much more

Dates and days of the week are flexible, subject to availability. Join me where ever you are in the world. I’ll be in touch once payment made

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Bake Better Bread

Check out my series of articles on baking better bread. Let these inspire you!

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All bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

What participants say

I’ve been helping people all over the world. From £15 for half an hour.

Tanya Woodland “I would like to just say what an amazing help Danielle has been to me this last month. She has given me some great support and advice and I am so pleased and proud of the results! And sharing her knowledge that, to me has been priceless. I am so grateful to have found Danielle and am hoping one day soon to meet and have some face to face sessions!”

Ywain “I contacted Danielle for help whilst trying to master baking a straightforward loaf during lockdown. What I was baking tasted ok but I felt that if I was putting the effort in every day I wanted to get better results. I was also experimenting with T55 flour and wanted some tips. Her page stood out amongst the sea of nondescript advice as being more precise, and practiced so I decided to book a session.
Danielle contacted me for a brief run through of what I needed advice on, booked a time for the seesion and emailed me breakdown of what prep I needed to do. She also suggested a second session to follow up which I found completely necessary and worthwhile.
My bread now [almost] looks like I want it to, and tastes better thanks to Danielle’s advice.
Highly recommend these sessions to anyone who who has started baking and needs advice on specific aspects of bread baking – make sure you have your questions sorted before starting!

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