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Breadmaking courses in person


Learn to bake bread using French techniques and discover a whole new way of baking and have fun on the way! Armed with a wealth of knowledge and recipes at the end of the session, you’ll be ready to create great bread at home consistently. Classes are run on weekends and last approximately 3 hours with light refreshments included.

Learn how to mix and prove your dough
Learn how to weigh and shape your dough
How to add flavours
Bake your bread to perfection

You’ll go home laden with bread, recipes and the satisfaction that you’ve learnt a new skill or enhanced your skills.

All classes are subject to standard terms and conditions.

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Learn to Bake Bread

Learn to make bread in a small group class. If you are a beginner, or have a basic knowledge, this is the course for you.

My aim is to bust the myths about bread making:

  • Learn how to mix and prove your dough
  • Learn how to weigh and shape dough
  • How to add flavours
  • Bake your bread to perfection
  • And learn how to bake great bread every time.

Breadmaking courses run for approximately 2.5 hours. The aim is to have fun too of course, and seasonal bakes are added into the class.

At the end of the class, I left Danielle’s laden with my own bread, recipes, new techniques for baking bread and a great confidence in being able to do this myself at home. I really enjoyed the class, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about making bread. Karen Whitlock

This is one of the elements I like most (about the class) besides actually learning how to make bread, the obvious concern for general households and helping people to bake bread at home. Charlie, the Millennial Runway

Example Timetable

  • Chat about what we’ll be making
  • Learn how to knead, shape and bake a variety of breads by hand
  • Refreshments whilst your bread is baking and time for questions!
  • Display of the breads you’ve made

. One to one online courses continue.

Breadmaking Tips

Discover my bake better bread tips before you take a breadmaking course. Check out other breadmaking courses. 

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  1. breadbakerdanielle

    Thank you James. I look forward to seeing your baking!

  2. James Tugwell

    We loved Danielle’s class, learned a lot and had some delicious products to eat at the end! The class was put on in a COVID-secure manner in the lovely garden. Looking forward to trying out the recipes and tips! We’ll definitely return if we’re in the area

  3. Meg Harper

    The course was fantastic, a very enjoyable way to spend three hours on a Sunday. We learnt so much and enjoyed everything we baked. Can’t wait to follow the recipes next weekend at home.

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