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Half hour online baking sessions helping you to bake better bread.

Do you have a baking dilemma? Do you want to hone a particular skill? Do you want to know more about the Rofco oven? Using the wonder of Zoom, this is the next best thing to working with me in person.

Most participants choose to take a couple of half hour slots a day apart, but it is up to you! Cost is £15 per half hour. Examples of what we’ve covered include: making sweet buns; making baguettes; autolysing, shaping and baking bread; an introduction to the Rofco oven; setting up a sourdough starter

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Bake online together

One-to-one online baking sessions are tailored to help you bake better bread. Sign up one session at a time and date to suit you. Sessions are charged in half hour segments for £15 a segment.

Ideas for your session:

  • Learn how to knead dough
  • Shape your dough to perfection
  • Start and maintain a sourdough starter
  • Try something different – a sweet dough if you usually bake just bread.
  • You’ve no bread flour, what can you use instea
  • Discover the Rofco bread oven.

Sessions work particularly well when you’ve done a bit of preparation beforehand eg.

  • You have autolysed (soaked) your ingredients;
  • Your sourdough starter is ready and you want to know what to do next
  • You’ve made your dough but want to learn how to shape and slash.

Previous participants have taken two or three half hour sessions to complete a project. For example we made these baguettes in this way and made and shaped the loaf!

Ana’s Baguettes


Online Baking Loaf

Y’s Canadian flour loaf

Do get in touch to discussion what you’d like out of your session.

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  1. Ywain

    I contacted Danielle for help whilst trying to master baking a straightforward loaf during lockdown. What I was baking tasted ok but I felt that if I was putting the effort in every day I wanted to get better results. I was also experimenting with T55 flour and wanted some tips. Her page stood out amongst the sea of nondescript advice as being more precise, and practiced so I decided to book a session.
    Danielle contacted me for a brief run through of what I needed advice on, booked a time for the seesion and emailed me breakdown of what prep I needed to do. She also suggested a second session to follow up which I found completely necessary and worthwhile.
    My bread now [almost] looks like I want it to, and tastes better thanks to Danielle’s advice.
    Highly recommend these sessions to anyone who who has started baking and needs advice on specific aspects of bread baking – make sure you have your questions sorted before starting!

  2. breadbakerdanielle

    Thank you Ywain. I really enjoyed our two sessions together. I’m really impressed with the bread you’ve made since!

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