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Online breadbaking sessions

A personalised breadmaking class for you online

Dates, time and format of class will be discussed in advance

Bake bread online wherever you are in the world. Enjoy personalised baking sessions on bread of all types at a date and time to suit you.

How about expanding your baking skills? Using the wonder of Zoom, this is an excellent alternative to working with me in person.

You might be a beginner baker or someone with more experience. You might want to set up a microbakery or refine a particular skill. There’s so much to choose from.. Examples of what we can covers includes: Sourdough, flat bread, enriched dough (eg sweet buns); making baguettes; autolysing, shaping and baking bread; baking in bulk and so much more. I also run session with the Rofco oven. Another popular option is booking a half hour chat to discuss your bread queries.

You’ll need a minimum of two sessions (which are spaced out to allow the bread to prove) to make a basic bread loaf.  Cost is £20 per half hour session. We’ll have a quick online chat before starting a class to personalise it for you.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Bake bread online together

Date and time of your course will be agreed with you

Learn to bake bread with me online. I trained professionally in France and I’ll be sharing techniques and tips I learnt there. If you can’t travel to Gloucestershire, UK this is an ideal option.

Sessions are personalised and are for one or two people. We work together in half hour sessions to create some great bread. With a little preparation, you can create and bake a simple bread recipe in two half hour sessions. Sessions necessarily need to be spaced apart to allow the bread to prove.  Before we begin, we have a quick chat to plan the sessions and discuss ingredients and equipment you might need.

Alternatively, book a half hour session to discuss your queries on breadmaking

Ideas for your sessions:


  • Learn how to knead dough
  • Simple sourdough
  • Shape your dough to perfection
  • How to score your bread
  • Yeast vs sourdough
  • Start and maintain a sourdough starter. Bake a perfect sourdough loaf
  • Create delicious sweet or savoury treats

Seasonal baking

  • Bake for Easter – Hot Cross Buns, Simnel Cake
  • Bake for Hallowe’en – pumpkin bread or fougasse frights
  • Bake for Christmas: Pudding, Cake or Mincepie?  You choose
  • Bake European Seasonal delicacies: Stollen, Potica, Kugelhopf

The more complex the bake, the more sessions will be required. But we’ll discuss that first of course.  I’ll set up a quick chat to discuss what you would like to achieve then schedule the sessions at a time to suit you. This could be daytime, evening or weekend subject to availability. I work with people worldwide.

Sessions are charged in half hour segments for £20 a segment. You will need to do some preparation at home outside the sessions. Do factor in that the bread will need to prove between sessions.

Previous participants have taken two or three half hour sessions to complete a project.

Do get in touch to discussion what you’d like out of your session.

Check out my tips in the Bake Better Bread series

Additional information

Select how many 1/2 hour sessions

£20, £40, £60


  1. breadbakerdanielle

    It was a pleasure Richard. Thank you!

  2. Richard White

    I was already a regular bread baker but I learned such a lot during my afternoon with Danielle.
    Probably the single most important improvement in my bread-making is as a result of using Le Creuset casseroles, pre-heated in which to bake. Also I think getting the temperatures of the ingredients right has been very effective. The bread is much better!
    Thanks for your valued teaching.

  3. breadbakerdanielle

    Hello Clare, Thank you so much for your comments. It was a pleasure to teach you. I am so pleased you are continuing to bake.

  4. clare shephard

    I actually did the classes rather than my mum as she couldn’t attend due to Covid, Danielle was more than happy to change the classes, i found the classes a great help, i would have never made bread myself other wise, but it really does give you a proud satisfaction that you did it yourself. i did 4 classes, and managed to make a loaf and two different tear and shares, classes are really good and clear, Danielle was easy to talk too, and clear with the information and any doubts more than happy to repeat it!! if you are in doubt definetely do the classes, i have actually made the bread again today and I am happy to use my skills i learnt! thank you

  5. breadbakerdanielle

    Thank you Julie. I really enjoyed our session together and look forward to keeping in touch.

  6. Julie Shelton

    As a fairly experienced sourdough baker I was getting stuck in finding the exact advice regarding over proving of dough, as well as advice about some technical aspects.
    Danielle’s knowledge and experience were clearly evident in the advice she gave me.
    I found this time an invaluable asset to my dilemmas and well worth the money.
    Danielle has a lovely manner and took an interest in my methods. She also enabled me to trust my own ability with her reassurance advice and support.

  7. breadbakerdanielle

    Thank you Jane. I really enjoyed our session together. Looking forward to seeing your next sourdough loaf!

  8. Jane Fleming

    I was really looked forward to my sourdough sessions with Danielle and I was not disappointed – Danielle is a very experienced and inspiring breadmaker. I loved the fact that during our sessions she gave me lots of tips and advice and I have come away feeling very confident about baking my next batch of bread. It is also really good to know that she is on hand if I need any further help. I would thoroughly recommend her very friendly and professional services.

  9. breadbakerdanielle

    Thank you Jill. It was a pleasure to chat to you. Looking forward to seeing the results with your new flour!

  10. Jill Springbett

    Danielle was very friendly helpful and approachable. I am a reasonably experienced breadmaker, and I have been making sourdough recently. However, it wasn’t quite as I wanted; Danielle helped me with my specific questions and gave me lots of useful tips. Her advice has given me much more confidence, and I recommend her tutoring based on my session.

  11. breadbakerdanielle

    Thank you Ywain. I really enjoyed our two sessions together. I’m really impressed with the bread you’ve made since!

  12. Ywain

    I contacted Danielle for help whilst trying to master baking a straightforward loaf during lockdown. What I was baking tasted ok but I felt that if I was putting the effort in every day I wanted to get better results. I was also experimenting with T55 flour and wanted some tips. Her page stood out amongst the sea of nondescript advice as being more precise, and practiced so I decided to book a session.
    Danielle contacted me for a brief run through of what I needed advice on, booked a time for the seesion and emailed me breakdown of what prep I needed to do. She also suggested a second session to follow up which I found completely necessary and worthwhile.
    My bread now [almost] looks like I want it to, and tastes better thanks to Danielle’s advice.
    Highly recommend these sessions to anyone who who has started baking and needs advice on specific aspects of bread baking – make sure you have your questions sorted before starting!

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