Buying a Rofco oven? Let me help you bake great bread


If you are thinking of purchasing a Rofco oven and want to discuss your options, sign up for a half hour discussion available at a time and date to suit you. Or you might have a Rofco oven and you’d like to understand how to make the most of it. I’ve been helping people all over the world with their queries.

I will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and tailor the discussion to your requirements.  If you go on to purchase a Rofco oven via Brook Foods you are eligible for a discount on some items once you have completed the course with me.

Dates and days of the week are flexible subject to availability. Online discussions are available in multiples of 30 minutes.



Thinking of buying a Rofco Oven? Do you want to improve your Rofco Oven bakes?

Join me for an chat online and explore the Rofco oven before you buy. If you have the oven already, I can help you with plenty of tips to make great bread.

The Rofco oven is ideal for those wanting to move from a domestic oven to baking in larger quantities. This affordable oven allows you to bake a batch of up to 12 loaves at a time. These ovens do not require three phase power and run off a domestic power supply. Read my Rofco oven guidelines.

Before we meet we will discuss your goals for the session. Dates and days of the week are flexible, subject to availability.

Examples of what we will discuss:

  • How to set up your Rofco oven
  • Tips for baking in the Rofco oven
  • What equipment you need and what you don’t need!
  • How to scale up for baking in bulk
  • and much more

Brook Foods

Once you have taken a Rofco oven course with me, you are eligible for a discount on the purchase some Rofco items (not the oven currently) through Brook Foods


I’ve been helping people all over the world. From £15 for half an hour.

Tanya Woodland “I would like to just say what an amazing help Danielle has been to me this last month. She has given me some great support and advice and I am so pleased and proud of the results! And sharing her knowledge that, to me has been priceless. I am so grateful to have found Danielle and am hoping one day soon to meet and have some face to face sessions!”

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