Severn Bites Bake Along


Pumpkin Bread Thursday 22 October 8 pm
Stir Up Sunday 22 November 2:30 pm
Stollen Wednesday 2 December 8 pm
European Christmas bakes Wednesday 9 December 8 pm

Time to indulge your inner baker and try some autumnal and winter treats. Either sit back and enjoy the demonstration and bake later or bake along with me.

This series of bake offs will be sure to delight you, your friends and family. Time to wow them with something you’ve perhaps not made before, or want to try a different version. Full recipes provided in advance so you can prepare the recipes.

Sign up for all the events and get 4 for the price of 3.



Christmas Treats

Slovenian Potica and Christmas Puddings

Bake to your heart’s content – Autumn

This is a series of online baking events where you can tune into Zoom to see a demonstration and follow along at home if you wish.

Choose from the following online baking sessions or all four!

  • Pumpkin Bread – perfect for Hallowe’en – Thursday 22 October
  • Stir up Sunday – get ready for Christmas with cake and pudding – 22 November
  • Stollen – make a traditional almond stollen – Wednesday 2 December
  • A European Christmas – Enjoy some different Christmas bakes this year. Kugelhopf and Potika – Wednesday 9 December

Full recipes provided so that you can bake along or at a later date. If you sign up for all four events, and you pay the price of three.

I’ll be doing some preparation beforehand to show you all the steps required.

Additional information

Pumpkin Bread

22 October 8 pm £10

Stir up Sunday - Pudding and Cake

22 November 2:30 pm £10


2 December 8 pm £10

European Christmas

9 December 8 pm £10

All 4 classes

All dates £30


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