Bake Better Bread – Beyond the basics


During August, classes will be scheduled for those people whose previously booked classes were cancelled. Please use the contact form below if you want to hear about new classes when they are scheduled. Read the Covid 19 protocol for my classes. One to one online courses continue.

This class will focus on breadmaking skills so you can consistently bake better bread.

We’ll cover breadmaking topics including:

  • Temperature
  • Autolysing
  • Baker’s Percentages
  • Fitting baking in to your busy life
  • Scoring bread
  • Shaping

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Improve your breadmaking skills

This is a breadmaking for those who want to bake better bread. You’ve learnt the basics, you’ve been baking bread a while, but would like to get just that little bit better.  Why not join the class to refine your breadmaking skills?

In a series of posts I cover a wide range of breadmaking topics including autolysing, yeast, baker’s percentages, scaling and using heat and steam. On this course, we’ll put some of these topics into action.

Beyond the basics breadmaking class

A delicious bread selection

Example topics:

  • Autolysing – how pre-soaking your dough can make a huge difference
  • Temperature – you don’t need a hot room or a proving drawer, just adjust the temperature of your water
  • Scoring or slashing – allow your bread to expand when baking
  • Shaping – shaping your dough for consistent results
  • Proving overnight – breadmaking can fit into your busy schedule
  • Ensuring your dough is ready to prove and bake

At the end of the session, you’ll have plenty of tasty bread to take away and skills to bake better bread every time. Classes take place in my bright kitchen equipped with a Rofco bread oven overlooking our productive garden.

The session will last approximately 3 hours.


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Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to our standard terms and conditions.

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