Sourdough Basics Course 10 November


Sourdough Basics

10 November 11 am start

There’s something about a sourdough loaf that’s really special. It’s a long process to make sourdough and it can seem very complicated. Join this class to learn a simple sourdough process.

This class is designed to show you all the steps required in a manageable four hours. Of course, your loaf from start to finish will take far more longer than that! There’ll be examples of the process at every stage.

You’ll go home with sourdough starter and tips to make your sourdough bakes as success.

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Learn how to make sourdough

Sourdough bread is delicious and one that most bakers want to master.


A beautiful sourdough loaf

Join this class to learn the basics. You’ll come away with your own sourdough starter and plenty of tips for making really great sourdough loaves. This is not sourfaux but the real thing.

To make a great starter and then make and bake a loaf of bread takes time. This class aims to show you the different stages for you to replicate at home.

  • You’ll see what a lively starter looks like;
  • How to mix the dough;
  • What it will look like after proving, resting and baking.
  • Discover what autolysing, stretch and fold and bulk fermentation mean.

Rather than a start-to-finish process which takes days, I’ll be using plenty of “here is one I made earlier” examples to cut the time down to fit in the day. There are many different ways to make sourdough, this is just one way that works for me and will work for you!

Come along and dabble with your fellow sourdough enthusiasts! Ideally you’ll have some experience of breadmaking with yeast before you tackle sourdough.

The class will last approximately 4 hours and include light refreshments.

If you are a Real Bread Campaign member, you’re eligible for a 10% discount.

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Sourdough Course

10 November


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