Bake Better Bread

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Discover my tips and recipes so that you can bake better bread.

Heritage grains in Maine

Bake Better Bread: Choosing and buying bread flour

If you are buying bread flour, where do you source it from? Do you know what flour to look for? ...
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Bake better bread: bread baking essentials

Bake Better Bread: Breadmaking equipment essentials

What breadmaking equipment do I need to start baking bread? I'm often asked "What do I need to start baking ...
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What type of French flour should I use?

Bake Better Bread: French Flour

French Flour Types When baking bread using French flour, you'll need to know what type to use. Each bag of ...
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Traditional baguettes proving

Bake Better Bread: Pre ferment – Pâte fermentée

 Do you want to know a secret? This is one of the secrets to great tasting bread and is part ...
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Choosing a Rofco bread oven for baking bread

Baker Better Bread: Baking in the Rofco

Successfully baking bread in the Rofco oven Baking for yourself It's quite a shock when you start baking bread for ...
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Baker's Percentage Infographic - scale your bread recipe up and down

Bake Better Bread: Baker’s Percentages

Baker's Percentages could change how you bake bread When I first learnt about Baker's percentages, I wondered why on earth ...
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Baking on a fireclay plate or stone

Bake Better Bread: Using heat and steam

How correctly using heat and steam improves your bread I'm sure this has happened to you. You've taken time over ...
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Plants Taste Better by Richard Buckley, £25 Jacqui Small

Soup and Focaccia inspired by Richard Buckley

I've been reading Richard Buckley's new book, Plants Taste Better. Those of you who live within easy reach of Bath ...
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Sweet doughs such as this chocolate almond filled bun need more yeast

Bake better bread: Fresh Yeast

How using fresh yeast can improve your bread recipe What yeast do you use in your bread? Do you think ...
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Why water temperature is so important when making bread

Bake Better Bread: Temperature

Is water cold, warm or hot if it is tepid? If the water is tepid, what temperature is it? The ...
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Bake Better Bread: Autolyse

Autolyse (Pre soak) I learnt to bake professionally in France and I use the techniques and practices every time I ...
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Savoury Tear and Share Rolls Recipe

My tear and share recipe is a great way to serve delicious bread to your guests whatever the occasion. My ...
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Time for deliberation at the World Bread Awards

Bread heaven at World Bread Awards

Judging in the World Bread Awards Imagine this, close to 600 bakers, both professional and amateur sending their very best ...
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My cider bread made with Blow Horn Cider

Cotswold Cider Bread Recipe

Make Bread with Cider I am new to craft cider. My recollections of drinking cider is of those well known ...
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Mini berry babas served in ramekins

Make mini berry rum babas

Clandestine Cake Club She struggled into the packed room clutching a very large white box. "I don't know what happened" ...
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