Covid-19 attending workshops

In Person Workshops and Covid 19

In person workshops will recommence on May 17. Between May 17 and June 21, the course is for one or two people only at a time. Priority is being given to those who have previously booked a course or have a voucher. You can book with full confidence going forward. Should any workshops have to be postponed due to a change in government guidelines, attendees will be notified well in advance and allowed to move their booking. As courses between those dates are being held in a tent, should the weather be very poor, the course will be rescheduled.

Covid 19 Protocol

Running of the workshops has changed to take into account the need for additional hygiene, social distancing and safety of both students and Danielle. Between May 17 and June 21, courses are being held in a tent in the garden. Participants are requested to register with NHS Track and Trace when arriving


The classes between May 17 and June 21 are held in a tent with direct access from the drive. At least 1 metre distance will be kept at all times. Adequate ventilation will be provided.

Handwashing and personal sanitisation

Hand sanitiser will be available on entry to the tent. Participants will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly. A toilet is located within a separate building dedicated to class attendees and is thoroughly cleaned before and after each course.

Face masks

Participants should wear face masks. Danielle will be wearing one.

Personal Items and Jewellery

Participants are asked not to wear jewellery and to keep personal items locked in their cars.


Tea and coffee will be offered made in the kitchen. Please bring a cup or mug and a water to drink.s

Food and bread handling

Danielle will take extra precautions in addition to the high standards of hygiene already employed .
As bread reaches very high temperatures in the oven, it will be free of any contamination once baked, whatever the handling and process to that point. All baked bread will be handled solely by Danielle and packed for students in paper bags.


Any participant attending will be asked to confirm they have not had the onset of any COVID-19 symptoms or knowingly been in contact with anyone displaying any symptoms within the preceding 14 days. It will be drawn to participants attention before any workshop starts that all those attending  are declaring that they can satisfy these conditions.

If you previously booked a class

In 2020, many baking workshops in person did not take place due to COVID-19 restrictions. Every person booked onto a workshop or in receipt of a voucher was contacted and advised they could book onto a workshop their choice at a later date.  Many people have taken online classes during lockdown. These will continue.

Should you have any queries, please get in touch using the form below. A Covid-19 risk assessment is available.