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  1. Hi – Im interested in learning how to make Sourdough. I haven’t made any type of bread before but I’ve been told Sourdough is a good place to start – is it possible to come to the workshop on the 19th November without first doing a general bread baking class? Many thanks

  2. I hope you received my email? Can I set up a zoom call with you to discuss further?

  3. Hi ! I was wondering if you might be open to hosting my partner and I for a sourdough bread making class. I bake almost weekly and would love to learn more about scoring and creating that perfect ear. We are in England from Canada from Nov 5-7th and would be thrilled to learn from you … just wondering if this might be a possibility?

  4. Dear Danielle,
    It has just occurred to me that we never thanked you properly for the course you ran for Pip and I on Tuesday 14th September, even though we were hugely delayed in coming-up from Southampton on the day.

    Its just a shame you had to downgrade to a bread-course due to our tardiness, we were so looking forward to making brioche, croissants, pain au chocolat, gourmandise and other French pastries.

    Thank-you all the same.


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