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  1. Try starting with water at 23c. If you are using a stand mixer you can mix longer to get to right temperature. By hand it can be more of a challenge. If the dough is good and stretchy 23 is fine

  2. Hello Danielle following your instructions but having trouble getting my pâté fermented dough to between 24 and 26 degrees c. Only ever gets to 23…trying not to overmix . Should I up the water temperature or warm the flour more ? Room temp is at 20degrees. Thank you for any pointers .

  3. Hi Sarah, Thank you for getting in touch. I will reply privately.

  4. Have you any courses running on 10/11th August please? We are a group of friends (6) looking for a days course.

  5. Hi – Im interested in learning how to make Sourdough. I haven’t made any type of bread before but I’ve been told Sourdough is a good place to start – is it possible to come to the workshop on the 19th November without first doing a general bread baking class? Many thanks

  6. I hope you received my email? Can I set up a zoom call with you to discuss further?

  7. Hi ! I was wondering if you might be open to hosting my partner and I for a sourdough bread making class. I bake almost weekly and would love to learn more about scoring and creating that perfect ear. We are in England from Canada from Nov 5-7th and would be thrilled to learn from you … just wondering if this might be a possibility?

  8. Dear Danielle,
    It has just occurred to me that we never thanked you properly for the course you ran for Pip and I on Tuesday 14th September, even though we were hugely delayed in coming-up from Southampton on the day.

    Its just a shame you had to downgrade to a bread-course due to our tardiness, we were so looking forward to making brioche, croissants, pain au chocolat, gourmandise and other French pastries.

    Thank-you all the same.


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