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Trialling the Tower Pressure Cooker

Will a pressure cooker change the way you cook?

Is using a pressure cooker to prepare meals a good option? We set out to find out more. One of ...
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Chocolate Buns

Chocolate spread for great chocolate buns

I became a bit obsessed trying to find the right chocolate spread to fill chocolate buns. Of course it had ...
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Trialling 3 doughs

Choose to use a Heritage Wheat in your bread

Heritage Wheats are coming to a bakery near you Can you imagine going to your local artisan bakery and choosing ...
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Italian Style Easter Bread

Italian Style Easter Bread

Creating the perfect Italian Style Easter Bread I have tried many recipes for Italian Easter Bread and have been disappointed ...
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Stromboli Slice

Stromboli Recipe – a feast for pizza lovers

Cut the Stromboli into generous slices before serving This Stromboli recipe is for you if you love pizza Stromboli are ...
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Granola ready to eat

Create your signature granola

Personalise your granola recipe in a few simple steps For years, I've been eating what I thought was muesli, but ...
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Baba Napolitano

Baba Napolitana

Make delicious orange soaked baba napolitana You might be familiar with rum babas? This is the Italian version, hailing from ...
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Book Collage

Books for Foodies 2022

Recommended books for food lovers Whether you want to give a book as a present or to put one or ...
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Mincemeat in jar

Christmas Baking: Mincemeat for Mince Pies

Mince Pies with Homemade Mincemeat are Fabulous Mince pies gently cooling When you taste a mince pie made with homemade ...
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Giant Sausage Roll

Let’s reclaim the sausage roll

Create amazing flaky pastry and add a great filling Tasty, flaky pastry is a must in an excellent sausage roll ...
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Beetroot and Raspberry cake

Bake a Beetroot Raspberry Cake

A great combination - earthy beetroots and tart raspberries At this time of year, it is so easy to be ...
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Barley Bread

Bake Better Bread: Why you should scald flour

Scalding Flour Why scald flour? It will give you a lighter loaf of bread that lasts longer! It might sounds ...
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Oldbury Tarts

Oldbury Tarts

A traditional Gloucestershire Recipe Do you make a traditional recipe from your locality? As a newcomer to Gloucestershire I really ...
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Muffins baked on the griddle

Let’s talk English muffins

Make Bread Muffins, a British Classic Often the only time we get to eat bread muffins these days is when ...
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Crispy Leeks Recipe

Leeks Kerala Style

This recipe uses all the leek! Looking for a great mid-week supper? This Leek recipe is easy and delicious. Made ...
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Sliced Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese Milk Bread. Yudane vs Tangzhong

For a light fluffy bread, Tangzhong and Yudane really work Japanese Milk bread is a light fluffy bread. One of ...
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Galettes des Rois

Galette des Rois – King Cake

What are Galettes des Rois? At this time of year, Epiphany, French boulangeries are stocked with Galettes des Rois (king ...
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Sweet potato tart

A super savoury vegan nut butter tart

Nut butter pastry is a revelation! Have you ever sat eating something in a cafe and wondered just how they ...
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Venison Stew

Try my delicious venison stew recipe

Autumn Flavours I often make this venison stew recipe at the start of the week. That way we can have ...
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Fermented raisins

Time to ferment bread with raisin water

Can you make bread without yeast or sourdough starter? Try fermented fruit water Whilst chatting with fellow female breadbakers from ...
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Bake my Stollen Recipe

When did you first taste Stollen? I'm not at all sure when I first tasted Stollen. My first memory is ...
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Lena's Porridge Bread Buns

Lena’s Swedish Porridge Bread Recipe

Do you delight in eating porridge for breakfast? Or would you rather stick to bread? No need to choose,  bake ...
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A selection of mini cakes

Meet Laurian Veaudour master patissier, make mini choux buns

When you were little, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to be ...
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Baked rhubarb almond cake

Make a delicious rhubarb dessert

Try my Rhubarb Dessert Recipe With plenty of rhubarb growing in the garden and available in the markets, it's time ...
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artichoke, asparagus, fresh garlic

How to eat Artichokes and Asparagus

I love this time of year. There's such a sense of expectancy. Plants are growing (let's just ignore the weeds) ...
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