Bake Better Bread

Discover my breadmaking tips, techniques and recipes to help you make better bread every time. I use these techniques in my classes.

Trialling 3 doughs

Choose to use a Heritage Wheat in your bread

Heritage Wheats are coming to a bakery near you Can you imagine going to your ...
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Baba Napolitano

Baba Napolitana

Make delicious orange soaked baba napolitana You might be familiar with rum babas? This is ...
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Barley Bread

Bake Better Bread: Why you should scald flour

Scalding Flour Why scald flour? It will give you a lighter loaf of bread that ...
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Muffins baked on the griddle

Let’s talk English muffins

Make Bread Muffins, a British Classic Often the only time we get to eat bread ...
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Our bread needs salt

Bake Better Bread: Salt

Is salt important in breadmaking? Yes! Salt Awareness Week suggest we should reduce the amount ...
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Sliced Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese Milk Bread. Yudane vs Tangzhong

For a light fluffy bread, Tangzhong and Yudane really work Japanese Milk bread is a ...
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Cottage loves

Bake Better Bread: Busting the Breadmaking Myths

Bust those myths about making bread It's time to question what cookery book writers are ...
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Bread Chat September 2021

Time for Bread Chat

We are a group of women bakers and we've decided to a regular, lively discussion ...
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Fermented raisins

Time to ferment bread with raisin water

Can you make bread without yeast or sourdough starter? Try fermented fruit water Whilst chatting ...
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Brilliant bread cookbooks

Bake Better Bread: Bread Books

Choose a bread recipe book to inspire you Are you looking for a really great ...
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Lena's Porridge Bread Buns

Lena’s Swedish Porridge Bread Recipe

Do you delight in eating porridge for breakfast? Or would you rather stick to bread? ...
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YQ Flour Loaf

Bake Better Bread: Choosing and buying bread flour

What is bread flour? If you are buying bread flour, where do you source it ...
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Tins, rolling pin and refractory stone

Bake Better Bread: Bread making equipment essentials

What bread making equipment do you need to make great bread? Bread making at home ...
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What type of French flour should I use?

Bake Better Bread: French Flour

Why bake with French Flour? For an authentic French loaf whether it is a baguette, ...
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Bread Proving on Couche

Bake Better Bread: Pre ferment – Pâte fermentée

Baker's used to use old dough. Nowadays it's Pâte fermentée Using Pâte fermentée in your ...
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Bread in Rofco

Baker Better Bread: Baking in the Rofco

Successfully baking bread in the Rofco oven Baking for yourself It's quite a shock when ...
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Baker's Percentages

Bake Better Bread: Baker’s Percentages

Baker's Percentages will make your bread consistent When I first learnt about Baker's percentages, I ...
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Bread Baked in Cast Iron Pan

Bake Better Bread: Using heat and steam

How using heat and steam improves your bread You've taken time over your bread dough ...
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Fresh yeast is sold in cubes or blocks

Bake better bread: Fresh Yeast

Use fresh yeast to improve your bread recipe Do you think that fresh yeast is ...
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Why water temperature is so important when making bread

Bake Better Bread: Temperature

Why dough temperature matters Do you think about water temperature you add to your dough? ...
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Nothing beats fresh bread

Bake Better Bread: Autolyse

Autolyse (Pre soak) I learnt to bake professionally in France and I use the techniques ...
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My cider bread made with Blow Horn Cider

Cotswold Cider Bread Recipe

Make Bread with Cider I am new to craft cider. My recollections of drinking cider ...
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Mini berry babas served in ramekins

Make mini berry rum babas

Clandestine Cake Club She struggled into the packed room clutching a very large white box ...
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