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Breadmaking classes where you will learn breadmaking skills using French techniques combined with a Gloucestershire twist. 

Bread Baking Workshops

Whether you’re a beginner or have some breadmaking experience, our breadmaking classes in Gloucestershire are tailored to suit your needs. Led by Danielle Ellis, a professionally trained bread baker, our classes cover both yeasted and sourdough breads. We also offer country specific and seasonal classes for those looking to explore different flavours and techniques.

Our in-person classes take place in a bright and airy kitchen with a beautiful garden view. For those unable to attend in person, we offer personalised online classes and advice sessions allowing students from all over the world to learn from Danielle’s expertise. Join us and master the art of breadmaking.

Bread courses in person

Online classes

Private classes

Danielle Ellis at Ecole Banette in France. She specialises in translating French techniques into practice so that you can ensure a great bake every time. 


Pricing starts at £25 for a half hour tutoring session online. In person classes start at £90. Private sessions are available from £185.

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