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I’m Danielle Ellis. I’m a professionally trained bread baker having trained at Ecole Banette in France in 2014.  I am a judge for the World Bread Awards and an NFWI Food Judge. After a career in marketing, I went to France to study breadmaking following a course for professional bakers.

In my breadmaking classes you’ll discover recipes I learnt in France. We use as much local produce as possible and flour milled by independent flour mills many of which are local too. Classes are kept small for maximum enjoyment: indulge in your passion for bread. I’ll make sure everything is Covid friendly so you can be sure to feel safe to do the course.

Bread Chat September

Sign up for Bread Chat

Sign up for Bread Chat

Join our regular Bread Chat on 20 September at 7:30 pm held online on Zoom with a panel of experience bakers. We’ll be taking your questions on buns, brioche and croissants (and other enriched dough).

In person breadmaking classes

In my in person classes I will teach you the tips and techniques to make a great loaf of bread every time. It’s too easy to get confused by all the videos and blogs out there. This is the way to learn to make bread. If you’re a beginner, or want to refine your skills or want to simple sourdough, there’s a class for you. .

Online Breadmaking

Online breadmaking classes via Zoom continue! These are ideal for you wherever you are in world. Classes are completely bespoke and are broken down into sessions. The number depends on what you’d like to bake. Most topics can be covered in two to three sessions, four sessions for sourdough.

Whether you choose an in-person class or online, I’ll set up a quick chat before your session to plan what we’ll bake.

Rofco Oven

I use a Rofco bread oven as do many microbakers. It’s a great choice after a domestic oven. If you are thinking of buying a Rofco oven, or want to know how to get the most out of your oven, spend half an hour with me online.

Pricing and Vouchers

Pricing starts at £15 for a half hour tutoring session online. In person classes start at £70. Vouchers for any amount are personalised for you and are valid 6 months.


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