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Welcome to Severn Bites Breadmaking classes where you will learn breadmaking skills using French techniques combined with a Gloucestershire twist. 

Whether you are complete beginner or have some experience, there’s a breadmaking class for you. In addition to beginner and intermediate classes for yeasted and sourdough breads, seasonal classes are also included. Class sizes are kept small for maximum enjoyment. You can also create a bespoke, personalised course for one or two people to your requirements.

Breadmaking classes in person are held in Gloucestershire in a bright airy kitchen overlooking a productive garden.

Online classes are set up on a one-to-one basis. Students from all over the world attend, from Japan, to Singapore to Spain. 

Danielle Ellis is your tutor. She is a professionally trained bread baker having studied at Ecole Banette in France. She specialises in translating French techniques into practice so that you can ensure a great bake every time. 

Bread Chat 26 September 7:30 pm

It’s Sourdough September. Join your experience bread baker team on 26 September online at 7:30 pm and ask us YOUR question. Just £5 with all proceeds going to #cookforukraine. BOOK NOW

In person breadmaking classes

You will learn French tips and techniques to make a great loaf of bread every time. It’s too easy to get confused by all the videos and blogs out there. This is the way to learn to make bread. If you’re a beginner, or want to refine your skills or want to make simple sourdough, book a class for you.

If you’d like a tailored breadmaking session at my location or at your location, get in touch.

Online Breadmaking

Online breadmaking classes via Zoom continue! Classes are completely bespoke and are broken down into sessions. The number of sessions depends on what you’d like to bake. Most topics can be covered in two to three sessions, four sessions for sourdough. The format of your session will be discussed in advance.

Rofco Oven

The Rofco bread oven is the choice for many microbakers. If you’re considering opening a microbakery, discover the Rofco oven and techniques to transition from baking in smaller quantities to larger quantities. If you want to know how to get the most out of the oven, spend half an hour with me online or a half or whole day session trying out your bakes. Book a Rofco one to one

Pricing and Vouchers

Pricing starts at £20 for a half hour tutoring session online. In person classes start at £80. One to one sessions in person start at £150. Vouchers are personalised for you and are valid 6 months.

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