Seven bites around the Severn

When you move house after 20 years living in a city (Edinburgh) it’s difficult to know what to expect. Could we find the foods we love? Could we find great places to eat? Could we find fabulous producers and people equally passionate about food?

Yes, of course we could! We’re still pinching ourselves daily. Not least that we’re enjoying the weather, which is so much better. (It’s amazing how a Scottish wardrobe just doesn’t work here).

My husband and I are not Scottish. Nor have we lived in this area before, so it’s all new and exciting. We’re relying a lot on neighbours and other folk we meet to give us their recommendations. We’re aiming to say yes to all foodie opportunities that come our way. So, as a starter 7 things we (now) know about food in this area.

Seven things we love about Severn Food

  1. The Weather. We’ve had a great summer. Lots of hot days. It means we’ve eaten more salads than in a long time! We are going to be healthy.
  2. Free Food Festivals. Pershore Plum Festival was held on a perfect summer day. Superbly organised with a huge range of food stalls. We fell in love with the Pershore purple plum (and the vintage cars on show). We’ve also dipped into the Gloucester Food Festival and the Onion Fayre. None of these cost anything to attend!

    Pershore plum fair
    Pershore plum fair. Including the all important Prosecco van of course!
  3. Local bounty. Drive down the local lanes and we’ll discover fruit, vegetables and free range eggs on offer at the gate of houses and farms for no more than a couple of pounds and sometimes for free!

    Produce at the Slimbridge Produce Show
    Produce at the Slimbridge Produce Show
  4. Farmers Markets. Stroud Farmers Market has just the right mix of stands each Saturday. The selection of produce is wide and varied. It’s great to discover others that are on different days such as Thornbury (twice a month on Thursdays) and Gloucester on Fridays and more to discover I am sure.
  5. Fresh Fish. Having been a customer of Eddie’s Seafood in Edinburgh which has such a wide range of the freshest fish we hoped we could find somewhere as good. We shouldn’t have worried. In the curiously run down Eastgate Market in Gloucester we discovered a great selection.
  6. Food shops. In a big city, you get used to being able to buy just about anything easily. With a little searching, we’ve found it possible to buy a huge range of foods at independent stores – including Asian ingredients for example – and local produce in farmshops.

    Accomplished fish cookery at The Old Passage, Arlingham
    Accomplished fish cookery at The Old Passage, Arlingham
  7. A friendly welcome. Local folk have to be some of the friendliest around. We’ve had such a great reception wherever we’ve been. Cafes, pubs and local garden centre cafes seem to really care about our custom. Everyone’s always up for a chat – we’re learning to slow down!

What will we discover next? Looking forward to your suggestions.

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