Buying fish online helps our fishing industry

If you watched  Cornwall: This Fishing life BBC series, you’ll have seen just how challenging fishing for a living can be. With our local fishmongers closed – they were already having trouble getting a full range of fish before the shutdown – we decided we should source fish elsewhere. It’s time to help our fisherman and fisherwomen and buy some fish online!

We eat fish twice a week and love trying different types of fish and shellfish. I know fish cookery is something many prefer not to attempt. But perhaps now is the time to be brave and try?

Parisien fish counter
Parisien fish counter

Buying fish online

I’ve created a list of online fish suppliers who are currently able to offer fish. Some is fresh, some frozen, others supply sauces. For some there is a minimum order. I’ve placed orders with several suppliers and I am always excited to see what arrives!

There are a refreshing number of options from Cornwall, Scotland and across the UK. Many offer free postage over a certain amount; others have a minimum order – fine if you can share with friends or family, but not practical at the moment. If you have a favourite supplier, or try one of the ones below, please let me know in the comments section. Do sign up for the fish suppliers newsletters to get news of offers and availability.

Fish is the Dish has created a map of all the many places you can buy fish from.

Fresh scallops
Fresh scallops


Pesky Fish


Pesky Fish
Scallops are hand dived by Frazer Pugh for Pesky Fish

Pesky has come along fairly recently. Here you go to the online market (set the alarm early it starts at 8 am), choose what you’d like to buy and get it delivered the next day. We had the most amazing hand dived scallops plucked from the sea by Frazer Pugh. Prices are keen. You also receive information on the boat that caught your fish, when it was landed and who prepared it. Sign up to receive emails about when the market is open (Monday to Thursday).

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Fresh Cornish Fish

Craig and his family run Fresh Cornish Fish and have been in business in Newlyn, Cornwall for 30 years. They buy the fish from  local fisherman typically from smaller boats and are proud to display the “Product of Cornwall” logo. You can sign up for the Fish Box Club and Craig will pick a selection of the best fish available from the market. You’ll receive about 4kg for £34.95 plus £6.95 postage. No obligation to buy every month. The fish is very fresh but is unlabelled when it arrives. Cue much discussion on what exactly some of it was!

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The Cornish Fishmonger

The Cornish Fishmonger is a family run specialist fishmonger created by Robert Clifford-Wing some thirty years ago. They supply top quality fish and seafood to many of the nation’s top chefs – the same quality fish by Michelin starred chefs can be yours.  They buy daily from local fisherman and the 4 quayside fish markets in Cornwall and South Devon. Minimum order is £60 with free delivery on set days. Free tea towel with your first order.

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Fish selection
Fish selection

Fish for Thought

Eleven years ago, Fish for Thought was just two hard-working men, a Portakabin, some knives, a fridge and a van – committed to finding a better way to deliver the finest Cornish seafood. At the heart of the Cornish fishing industry they can tell you exactly where your seafood comes from down to the market and even the boat.  You can choose the Seafoodie Club subscription service, that provides you with fish and sauce combinations which take just minutes to prepare and include sauces such as Moroccan Tagine Sauce and Pancetta and Chilli sauce. The prices works out about £5 per portion.

Free delivery if you purchase £35 of fish.  

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Sea Bream
Sea Bream

The Flying Fish Seafoods

Before lockdown, Flying Fish Seafoods exclusively delivered to restaurants, many of them Michelin starred. Now you can purchase their very high quality fish in boxes that start at £50 which include an extra treat of local mussels. Do listen to the Nightcap Podcast edition featuring the owner Johnny Godden. It is really fascinating hearing how he started supplying top restaurants.!

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Frozen Fish

Seafresh UK

Seafresh specialises in providing the best quality frozen fish online. They stock frozen at sea and individually quick frozen fish using airblast freezing which locks in all the flavours and it prevents bacteria from forming. There’s a great selection of both fish and shellfish. They offer free delivery for orders over £50 otherwise delivery is £8.

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Fish selection
Fish counter

The Fish Society

The Fish Society website sells “the biggest range of fish and seafood in the world “. All their fish is frozen. In a live experiment on Radio 4 Food Programme they sought to prove people could not discern the difference between fresh and frozen.  Two fillets were taken from a large halibut. One fillet was frozen and the other was kept fresh. Both were cooked in the same pan using the same recipe. None of the guests could distinguish the fresh fillet from the frozen fillet

Delivery under £50 is £7.95;  £5 under £75 and free over £75. Sign up to their newsletter for 10% off your first order.

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Scottish Fish

Oyster at Ondine
Oyster at Ondine, Edinburgh

Fresh Fish Daily

George Baxter’s retail shop is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For the last 10 years, Fresh Fish Daily run by George and his son has been supplying fish online throughout the UK.  The website is particularly good on information about the fish , when it is in season and how it is packed. The selection is perhaps not as wide as some other providers. Free delivery over £50 or £4.95 for under £50.

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Fish Box

Fishbox was started by accident after a motorcycle accident. Magnus Houston swapped his bike for oilskins and started his fish mission. The Fish Box seafood subscription service delivers fresh, sustainable fish and shellfish direct to you within 48 hours of being landed. All of the products are freshly caught in Scottish waters. The website is really user friendly and you can easily set the type of fish you like eg oil, shellfish etc. Prices between £25 for small and £45 for large.

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Fresh Crab

Andy Race Fishmongers

If you are longing for Scottish shellfish including langoustine and oysters this is the choice for you. Andy Race Fishmongers are based in Mallaig, Scotland and have been supplying  fish to many of Scotland’s most prestigious hotels for over 25 years.  After many of  their guests contacted them for personal supplies, they were encouraged to offer a mail order service. There’s plenty of smoked fish for your delectation. Delivery under £80 is £10, otherwise free.


Many of the suppliers offer their own recipes. Do check out a couple of mine too.

Spicy Squid Stew

Fish in Rose Wine

Post updated June 2020.

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