Food and Cookery books 2020

Cookbook wish list

Tried and tested – coo books that I heartily recommend I love a good book, preferably a cookery book or one about food. Recently, I’ve been more ruthless getting rid …

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Bake my Stollen Recipe


When did you first taste Stollen? I’m not at all sure when I first tasted Stollen. My first memory is of a fruity bread with marzipan in the middle. Always …

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A Victorian Christmas: Furmenty and Snapdragon

Fetching home the Christmas dinner cooked at the local bakers

We have the Victorians to thank for many of our Christmas traditions but thank goodness some of them are not followed today.

For a recent Victorian themed Christmas party, each guest was asked to dress up and do a “turn”. Dressing up was no problem, we had fun discovering all the costumes a local dramatic group had to offer. But a “turn”? I was nervous about this bit. I wasn’t up to reciting a poem or god forbid singing, so something foodie would have to do.

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