A visit to Europain Paris

Moulin Bourgeous Bread at Europain

This January, I was in my element at Europain in Paris. Held every two years, this huge bread exhibition attracts 50,000 professional bakers from all over France and further afield …

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Choosing a great gin for the summer

What's your tipple? Gin of course

Tasting at Gloucester Gin Festival

It is an exciting time for gin lovers as more and more distilleries open in the United Kingdom (233 according to HM Revenue and Customs at the end of 2015). With so many, how do you discover the gin for you?

What's your tipple? Gin of course
What’s your tipple? Gin of course

A visit to a gin festival is a must and luckily there are many planned across the UK. Jenni and I headed for Gloucester on one of the hottest days of the year on a journey of discovery. Something refreshing was our goal.

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