Tasting and eating wine

White wish with rose wine recipe

If you’re not a wine expert, how do you discover a wine you’ll like? And will it inspire you to cook a great sauce?

Make the perfect coffee ice cream

Coffee Praline Icecream

 It’s all about the coffee

The first time I ate a Café Liègeois was in Ajaccio, Corsica. It’s a beautiful town full of grand buildings – blink and you might think yourself in Paris. A fitting place to discover a  grown up indulgent dessert.

The Café Liègeois is made with just three ingredients:  espresso coffee, coffee ice cream, and whipped cream: the French take on an ice cream sundae. Rather than getting its name from the Belgian city of Liège it was renamed from Cafe Viennoisduring the First World War in homage to the siege of Liège .

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Discovering Cotswolds food and drink

Cotswold Cookery Book

If you visit a new area, where do you choose to eat and drink? Of course you ask people you meet, but with an area as large as the Cotswolds, you’ll inevitably not find all the gems.

The Cotswold Cook Book
The Cotswold Cook Book

The Cotswold Cook Book will help. It celebrates the amazing food and drink in the Cotswold and includes more than 40 recipes. I’ve been reading through and getting very hungry. I’ve also started to plan visits to many of the places mentioned. What better way than to read a recipe and think, “I’d like to visit and try more”.

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Get growing mushrooms

I think growing mushrooms could get addictive.

A few weeks ago we visited Feed Bristol a project run by the Avon Wildlife Trust in Bristol for a look at the business co-located on the site. One business, was growing mushrooms on a small scale. Imagine plastic boxes a good 90 x 60 x 60 cm seeded with various types of spawn. Some were located in a polytunnel under the benches and if you peeked, you could see some “sprouting”. We saw the amount of the hard work goes into making the medium on which the mushrooms will grow based on wheat straw.

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Tasting times with Ice Smith

It’s so exciting being involved – even in a small way – with a business as it is starting up. IceSmith is a luxury ice cream brand based in Chipping Campden. We were asked to spend an evening trying some of the flavours that Jake Gadsby, the owner has created. The business is in its pre-launch phase.

I’ll bet you’ve never had an ice cream tasting menu before. In the spirit of the best restaurant tasting menus, ours was full of flavours  and teased and tempted our palates. We tried a dozen different sorbets, ice creams and sherbets. (A sherbets contain small percentage of cream and sit between a sorbet and ice cream).

IceSmith Tasting Menu

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