Prithvi Restaurant Cheltenham – Refined Indian Dining

We visit a fabulous Indian Restaurant

Do you have a list of must visit restaurants? We certainly do. Prithvi went on the list after I tried their halibut recipe in the Cotswold Cookery book. But somehow, it took us until this month for us to book.

Puri at Prithvi Restaurant
Puri at Prithvi Restaurant

Prithvi, meaning Earth in Sanskrit, is an Indian restaurant. But not in the slightest like the average Indian restaurant. There are no recognisable dishes such as chicken tikka masala, thank goodness. What you will find is beautifully judged cooking, with subtle spicing. The interior decor is finished to a high level. It’s welcoming and at the same time relaxing. It is simply, a rather lovely place to have lunch.

Panipuri at Prithvi Restaurant, Cheltenham
My favourite panipuri – a crisp shell filled at the last moment with tamarind broth

Over drinks of non-alcoholic Seedlip spice and Tarquin gin from Cornwall, we endeavoured to decide whether to have the set lunch or the Prithvi Tour (which you could perhaps call a tasting menu). My husband looked at the Tour menu and declared “It’s a bit meaty”. Making us realise that we don’t eat meat as often as we used to.

Sea Bass with sweet and sour flavours at Prithvi Restaurant
Sea Bass with sweet and sour flavours

But, I am so glad we decided to opt for the Tour. The way that each piece of meat was cooked was simply exceptional. We’ve often been disappointed with the main meat course in other restaurants, here we had 3 different meats cooked to perfection. We later discover whilst chatting with Jay, the owner, that there are vegetarian and pescatarian version of the Tour menu. We’d love to see what chef does with those ingredients!

Speaking of ingredients, the chefs aim to source as much locally supporting local businesses. We note that their vegetable supplier has just Arthur David has just won Family Business of the year.

Chicken in such a flavoursome sauce at Prithvi Restaurant
Possibly the most moist chicken dish I’ve tasted

Each course was full of flavour and as each one arrived, we realised that the heat level increased, just a little, each time. Very cleverly done.

Prithvi Restaurant Cheltenham Welsh lamb with honey mustard
Welsh lamb with honey mustard

I enjoy using spice in my cooking. I was shocked whilst watching Professional Masterchef recently when faced with a challenge to add spice to their dish, they floundered. One chef even declaring I don’t use spice in my kitchen. Don’t you think we should be sending our chefs off to find out how to add an extra dimension?

Prithvi  Restaurant Cheltenham Rare slices of venison with a jug of ginger and cinnamon sauce
Rare slices of venison with a jug of ginger and cinnamon sauce

We admired the shelves of cognac. The ones on the top shelf are the oldest and great favourites of visitors to the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Perhaps not for us that day.

We end our meal with a superb dessert – flavours and textures of mango.

Dessert at Prithvi Restaurant
A fitting dessert to end the meal – delicious flavours and textures including mango sauce and pieces

We hear that there’s a long waiting list for a dinner reservation. Treat yourself to a day off and go for lunch it’s much easier to book in. Look forward to the delicious food, attentive discreet service and tell them we sent you.

7 Bath Road, Cheltenham, GL53 7HG (from 16 January  2020)


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