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Bread Proving on Couche

Bake Better Bread: Pre ferment – Pâte fermentée

Baker's used to use old dough. Nowadays it's Pâte fermentée Using Pâte fermentée in your bread of the secrets to ...
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Best Scone Recipe

How to make the best scone ever

Baking Scones One of the enjoyable things I get to do is to head over to Log House Holidays and ...
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Duck cooked sous vide

Top Tips for Sous Vide Cooking

Learn to love sous vide cooking Do you love eating fish, but are never too happy about cooking it? Do ...
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Zucchini Courgette Brownie Recipe

Try this moist chocolate courgette brownie recipe

At this time of the year you might be overwhelmed with courgettes / zucchini. I swear that they grow whilst ...
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The Orange and Almond Cake

An amazing orange cake by Emily Scott

I'd suggest that after chocolate, citrus is everyone's favourite flavour. Flavours that excite the palate and add a refreshing touch ...
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Ready to eat the Madeleines

Pistachio and Pomegranate Madeleines

Madeleines - small, delicious and very moreish A madeleine is a small very buttery cake with a crisp edge. They ...
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Follow my easy to make herby focaccia recipe

Soup and Focaccia inspired by Richard Buckley

Making the most of plants in your cooking Soup and bread - a match made in heaven. I've been reading ...
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Why water temperature is so important when making bread

Bake Better Bread: Temperature

Why dough temperature matters Do you think about water temperature you add to your dough? Is water cold, warm or ...
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Nothing beats fresh bread

Bake Better Bread: Autolyse

Autolyse (Pre soak) I learnt to bake professionally in France and I use the techniques and practices every time I ...
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Apple crumble - just add cream, custard or ice cream

Apple Crumble: essential comfort food

Apple crumble is the favourite dish of so many people I know. When did you last eat some? It's such ...
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I make my own mincemeat for a taste so much superior to shop bought

The Christmas Tag- What I love about Christmas

It's fun to try something new. I am joining in with in a Christmas tag where fellow bloggers share their ...
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Read to eat the mulled wine pears?

Mulled wine pears recipe

Spicy Pears, a perfect dessert If you've visited Morocco, I am sure one of your abiding memories will be the ...
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Valentine's Heart

Savoury Tear and Share Pesto Rolls Recipe

Pesto Rolls Pesto filled tear and share bread is a fun recipe to make and you can get the kids ...
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A delicious coffee recipe - Curry Meat Balls, Quarry Books, an imprint of The Quarto Group

How do you take your coffee?

Cooking with Coffee Why don't we use coffee more in cooking and particularly in savoury dishes? I think it's time ...
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A crips pastry case filled with delicious heirloom tomatoes. This recipe is easy and delicious

A Simple Tasty Tomato Tart Recipe

The taste of a ripe tomato is a wonderful thing. I'm lucky enough to have a greenhouse and have grown ...
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All homemade: Clotted cream, scone and strawberry jam

Clotted Cream a must for Afternoon Tea

How better to celebrate with clotted cream? It's an essential part of a true afternoon tea. Indeed, could it be ...
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Robert Fortune Iced tea

Tammy’s Iced Tea Recipe

Tammy's Iced Tea Recipe Iced tea is big in America and whilst you can buy ready made here, it's not ...
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White wish with rose wine recipe

Tasting and eating wine

Fish cooked in rosé wine This post was written when Petit Ballon a subscription wine business were operating, it has ...
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Elderflower cordial or syrup recipe

In the pink. Make elderflower cordial

How to make elderflower cordial If you want a non-alcoholic drink that is refreshing, what do you choose?  I often ...
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120 asparagus spears known as a hundred

Make the most of asparagus

I'm standing at the corner of a huge field with Darren Hedges, Asparagus Grower and Revills Farm Shop owner. Bredon ...
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Baked coconut doughnuts – utterly delicious

There's something about a coconut that makes you smile. I've been humming "Put the lime in the coconut" and the ...
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Coffee Praline Icecream

Make the perfect coffee ice cream

 It's all about the coffee The first time I ate a Café Liègeois was in Ajaccio, Corsica. It's a beautiful ...
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Mung Been Curry from Mira Manek's Saffron Soul

Food inspiration: Recipes from Pakistan and India

Cookery Book Review There is always room for one more book about food. I love that sense of anticipation. Will ...
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My cider bread made with Blow Horn Cider

Cotswold Cider Bread Recipe

Make Bread with Cider I am new to craft cider. My recollections of drinking cider is of those well known ...
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The finished squid stew - doesn't it look appetising?

Spicy Squid Stew – Comfort on a plate

A warming, tasty recipe When challenged to create a recipe using new potatoes, I immediately thought of this dish. I ...
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