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Time for Bread Chat

In July, we hosted our first online Bread Chat on Zoom. We had a lively discussion on Yeast. In September we answered questions on sourdough starter. Our next chat will be in November.

Bread chat - a fun way to increase your bread knowledge

We are a group of women bakers and we’ve decided to a regular, lively discussion online.  Bread Chat will take place over Zoom so we can see each other in real time. The discussion is open to everyone not just women!

These days you might find your bread knowledge in any number of online groups. If you are a beginner bread maker you’ll be bamboozled by all the advice, much of which seems to contradict. If you are experienced, you might be ready to change the way you’re doing things. We’ll bring our decades of knowledge to the debate. We definitely won’t all have the same opinions but you will get measured answers that will work for you! We’re aiming for a light hearted chat that we are sure will inspire you!

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation about breadmaking. We want to make it easier for people to make bread successfully with confidence.

We welcome people from all over the world.

Our next Bread Chat

Our next Bread Chat will be held in November on a date to be confirmed.

If you’d like to hear about the next bread chat, complete the form below. What would you like to discuss?

Who we are

We are a group of women bakers who love to bake bread and experiment. We have years of experience between us gained in different fields. We’ll use our expertise to help you bake better bread.

Sonya Hundal. Rural wood-fired baker & writer. Owner of Greenfield Bakers. Follow Sonya on Twitter and Instagram

Ameena Nur: Owner of Jeju’s Bakehouse, based in Scotland. Baking the world a better place one loaf at a time. Follow Ameena on Twitter and Instagram

Steph Clubb, Bread, pastry and pasta tutor, home economist and food stylist. Specialised area, gluten free NPD. Follow Steph on Twitter and Instagram

Danielle Ellis, creator of Severn Bites Breadmaking Classes, French trained, World Bread Awards Judge, Rofco fanatic. Follow Danielle on Twitter and Instagram

Tara Heron, owner and baker, Dainty Monkey Baking, a microbakery in Edinburgh. Follow Tara on Twitter and Instagram.

Ruth Macintyre Ruth Macintyre: owner of Ruth’s Little Kitchen Microbakery and Cookery School. Follow Ruth on Twitter and Instagram

Dilly Boase – Bread baker specialising in sourdough, with a love of experimental baking. Follow Dilly on Twitter and Instagram

Michelle Stratford Founder Planet Leicester Bakers. Fourth generation home bread baker. Baking, teaching and building community bridges with good bread. Follow Michelle on Twitter and Instagram

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    […] July, a group of us held our first Bread Chat on Zoom. We had a lively discussion on yeast and tried to bust some of the myths. In September, […]

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